Welcome to Marshy's Shop!

My name is Valentine and I'm a queer freelance artist based in Arizona. Here you'll find adorable stickers and accessories inspired by Marshmallow and his noodle friends, all designed and drawn by hand! Our stickers are made of high quality vinyl and always ship free anywhere in the world <3 Don't forget to check out our monthly sticker club!

Want a new Marshmallow sticker in your mailbox every month? 

For $4 a month you'll get a new 3" vinyl Marshmallow sticker that hasn't been seen anywhere else! Once you've subscribed, there's no need to do anything else. Each month's sticker will be mailed out on the first of the month so keep an eye out for a colorful envelope from Marshy and tag us if you want to share a pic! 

Now offering wholesale discounts!